Karo’s Covenant to the Voters

In his first term as your City Councilmember, Karo’s agenda for District 7 will be:

  • Always putting our community’s interest above special interests.
  • Actively listening to every community’s needs and being responsive to neighborhood concerns.
  • Putting children and families first by improving existing parks and libraries, building more, and making sure they are safe and clean for everyone to use.
  • Fighting to reform the DWP to serve the needs of the residents of our neighborhoods and preventing unnecessary rate increases.
  • Working with local business to grow and create more good paying jobs and revitalize our commercial corridors.
  • Bringing more fire companies and ambulances to our community to increase safety and reduce response times.
  • Making sure our police officers have all the resources and moral support they need to continue protecting our communities.
  • Opposing the building of the high speed rail project through environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Working to get the homeless out of our parks and streets and into permanent supportive housing programs.
  • Preserving our open space and protecting our environment.

Get involved with Karo’s grassroots campaign today.

Contact Karo
(818) 920-8575