A Real Plan To Fight Homelessness

Homelessness is an issue that is not exclusive to CD7, but it has impacted our communities disproportionately in the last few years. There is not one simple fix for homelessness, but I have many ideas based on my years of experience working on the issue.

The passage of Proposition HHH gives us an opportunity to address this problem all across the city. I strongly supported Measure HHH, which the voters passed in November, giving the city $1.2 billion to build housing for the homeless. As the Director of Planning and the Environment for Councilmember Paul Krekorian, I have also had the opportunity to work closely on permanent supportive housing projects to get Valley residents off the streets and into good homes.

If elected, one step I will take immediately is to expand the new pilot program that I worked to launch with Councilmember Krekorian in CD2 to CD7 and citywide. This program takes existing housing services and merges them with job training and placement  in order to help homeless people get housing and a job, decreasing the likelihood of slipping back into homelessness. I will also work with local Valley service providers to create good local jobs for the homeless, and push for the city to increase its local hire initiative to incorporate more formerly homeless individuals into city jobs, creating stable city careers.

I will continue to hold regular Homeless Connect days to bring homeless people together with all the city, county, state and federal services that are available to them. The city will fail if it continues to provide services without bringing them to the people who need them most. I will fix that by taking these services to the heart of my district and doing outreach to the homeless families in the area to assist them directly.